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Prerequisite degree in harmony or knowledge of B harmony specialized. Teaching for orchestration of strings, winds and percussion from small ensembles to modern orchestras (drums set, electric bass, electric guitar etc).

In a given work for piano or voice, an orchestration is done for the wind ensembles and vice versa, in a given work for a set of wind instruments a transfer to piano writing. Knowledge of modern musical instruments is essential. One of the basic lessons for the student is conducting ensembles. Basic principles of conducting, kinesiology, elements of expression, morphology-analysis, etc. are taught in various genres and styles of music in addition to classical, because its repertoire includes many works up to the 21st century rock, pop, contemporary music, etc.

Compulsory courses: Solfege, Third year of modern harmony, morphology analysis, history, piano, choir, organ cognition, practical teaching, band conducting.

Study duration: 2 years

Degrees in classical instruments & monody

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