Conductor of the Orchestra

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Prerequisite for an orchestra conducting degree is a degree in counterpoint and a degree in piano or other instrument (for holders of degrees in other instruments, the piano level must be at least A average). Basic principles of management, kinesiology, elements of expression, morphology-analysis, etc. are taught from the Baroque until the 21st century.

Compulsory courses: Piano (for those who do not have a degree in piano), prima vista (performance at first sight) by spartito opera, Dictee (melodic, rhythmic, chords, bass), orchestration (by piano score for orchestra), history of opera of art, of modern Greek music etc, participation and conducting of choirs and ensembles, pronunciation of foreign texts, basic principles of performance of musical instruments, learning of a wind and stringed instrument.

Study duration: 5 years

Degrees in classical instruments & monody

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