History records that bouzouki is an evolution of the ancient Greek pandora, which is found in ancient times in Greece. Many claim that its origin comes from Turkey. In any case, the bouzouki has been integrated into the Greek folk and traditional culture of our place and is unquestionably our main instrument. In bouzouki lessons the student can immerse himself in the technique of playing either the three-string or the four-string bouzouki (an instrument introduced by Manolis Chiotis) The Bouzouki lessons focus on scales that follow popular streets, taximi and rhythmic taximi as well as fills and shootings in a music repertoire of the student’s choice.

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The Bouzouki teacher in AMS music school

Manolis Bassis
Manolis Bassis

Manolis Bassis was born in 1986 and started playing the bouzouki at the age of 10.5. He had teachers 2 of the most important bouzouki organ players, Vangelis Liolios and Pavlos Pafranidis. At the age of 19 he started his professional career in the orchestra of Petros Gaitanos in which he is still plays today.

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