The accordion is one of the most gentle and at the same time dynamic instruments. Its sound can be nostalgic as well as rhythmic and this is what makes it an instrument that can perform many types of music in a wide repertoire, from classical music pieces to valse, tango, jazz, pop, rock, but also folk, popular and light-popular. The accordion is very similar to the piano since both are composed of keys however; the accordion has both the “polyphony” and the pulsation given to it by the air that is blown through the “bellows”. In accordion lessons the student can choose by himself which musical genre he wants to practice thanks to the versatility of the specific instrument.

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Spyros Melissanidis
Spyros Melissanidis

Spyros Melissanidis was born in 1972 in Dachau, Germany. He started, at the age of 10, accordion lessons with professor Nikos Hatziioannou, with whom he completed his studies in the instrument and in advanced music theory at the Conservatory of Thessaloniki, from where he graduated with honors obtaining Accordion degrees, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue and Accordion diploma. He is a graduate of the Physics Department of the School of Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) while at the same time he has obtained a certificate of computer studies with the right to teach in the public and private sector (under the
auspices of the Union of Greek Physicists and the General Department Of Physics, Chemistry and Technical Materials, TEI of Piraeus). He has full-filled the 2nd year of the Composition department of the Conservatory “Symfonia” of Thessaloniki (class of E. Katelis).
He is in charge of the study program in accordion at music institutions of Thessaloniki.

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