Prerequisite for the diploma of composition is the degree of fugue with a minimum grade of 7.50 “very good”. Composition classes can also be taken informally without the student getting a diploma. Knowledge of Harmony is a prerequisite.

A composer is being recognized by his work. When he completes works for all combinations of instruments from solo to symphonic orchestra, from organ to vocal ensembles and their combinations in several forms up to the 20th century, then he submits the file of his works to the committee in order to be recognized as a composer. During the lessons the student learns about the latest techniques and modern forms such as dodecahedronism, minimalism, etc. There are analyzes of tonal and atonic music to understand the architectural structures of musical works.

At the same time, the student, in collaboration with the music school and his teacher, presents his works in concerts or records them.

Study duration:

  • minimum 4 years
Composition Courses

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Music theory teacher at AMS Music School

George Karakasis
George Karakasis

Karakasis George Composer, Conductor, Musicologist, Professor of Advanced Theory.
He graduated from the Department of Music Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2008. He studied at OBE (Conservatory of Northern Greece) advanced theory and Composition (excellent unanimously). He received a degree in Organizing from the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki and took conducting lessons with the Conductor Karolos Trikolidis (letter of recommendation).
He holds the position of Chief Musician and Conductor in the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Paionia and in the choir of “Saint Raphael “of Meteora, Thessaloniki since 2009. He is the conductor of the two small symphonic orchestras” New Generation”and “ Mozartakia”of OBE (Conservatory of Northern Greece) since 2013 and of the large symphonic orchestra of OBE since 2019.
He has been the artistic director of the Dimiourgon Odeio-AMS Music school (About Music Studios and Lessons) since 2017 and of the Municipal Conservatory of Paionia in Kilkis since 2020. He is in charge of the music department at the Cultural Association of Lagyna from 2017 until today.

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