Degree in Wind Instrument and Percussion

Degree in Wind Instrument and Percussion2022-06-29T13:10:56+00:00

Prerequisite for the degree of wind and percussion instrument is the degree of Harmony or knowledge of B specialized in Harmony and its introduction with qualifying examinations. Teaching for orchestration of winds and percussion from small ensembles to symphonic bands.

In a given work for piano, an orchestration is done for the wind ensembles and vice versa,, in a given work for a set of winds, a transfer to piano writing is made. It is essential to know not only the wind instruments in the symphony orchestra but also other wind instruments that we find in bands (altorna, ephonia, etc.). One of the basic lessons for the student is band Conducting. Basic principles of conducting, kinesiology, elements of expression, morphology-analysis, etc. are taught in various genres and styles of music in addition to classical, because its repertoire includes many works up to the 21st century of jazz, rock, pop and contemporary music.

Compulsory courses: Solfege, Third year of Harmony, morphology analysis, history, piano, choir, organ cognition, practical training, band conducting.

Study duration: 2 years

Degrees in classical instruments & monody

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