The electric bass is the basis of every rhythmic pattern in a musical ensemble. The bass was made in the 1930s for easier movement than the bulky double bass. Over the years it gradually replaced the double bass, so today it is used in almost all genres of music rock, jazz, pop, heavy metal, country, blues as a solo instrument, while in classical orchestras, it is usually part of the rhythmic part of the ensemble. Through the bass lessons the student will learn techniques with the fingers such as slapping, popping, tapping and thumbing, or techniques with the pen. The goal is for the student, with the right technique, to gain confidence in playing and to feel confident to perform any improvisation he wishes.

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The electric bass teacher in our music school

Christonis Dimitris
Christonis Dimitris

Dimitris Christonis was born in Larissa. After a brief contact with the classical guitar in the first years of his life, he became involved with the electric bass at a young age. He took classes with Haris Karazisis and later with Manolis Sideridis, where he completed his studies at the Jazz-Rock school in the electric bass department, but also with Lakis Tzimkas. At the same time, he collaborated with many remarkable musicians participating in many bands that cover a wide range of music such as funk, fusion, jazz, pop, rock etc.

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