For the course of Musical instrumentation of Percussion & Wind Instruments, the degree of harmony or knowledge of B harmony specified and its introduction with qualifying exams is a prerequisite. Teaching for orchestration of winds and percussion from small ensembles to symphonic bands.

In a given piece for piano, the orchestration is being done for the wind ensembles and vice versa, meaning, in a given piece for a set of wind instruments, is being transformed for piano writing. It is essential to know not only the wind instruments in the symphony orchestra but also other wind instruments that we find in bands (altorna, ephonia, etc.). One of the basic lessons for the student is band Conducting. Basic principles of conducting, kinesiology, elements of expression, morphology-analysis, etc. are taught in various genres and styles of music in addition to classical, because its repertoire includes many works up to the 21st century of jazz, rock, pop and contemporary music.

Compulsory courses: Solfege, 3d year of harmony, morphology analysis, history, piano, choir, organ cognition, practical teaching, band conducting.

Study duration:

  • 2 years
Instrumentation of percussion & wind instruments

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Music theory teacher at AMS Music School

George Karakasis
George Karakasis

Karakasis George Composer, Conductor, Musicologist, Professor of Advanced Theory.
He graduated from the Department of Music Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2008. He studied at OBE (Conservatory of Northern Greece) advanced theory and Composition (excellent unanimously). He received a degree in Organizing from the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki and took conducting lessons with the Conductor Karolos Trikolidis (letter of recommendation).
He holds the position of Chief Musician and Conductor in the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Paionia and in the choir of “Saint Raphael “of Meteora, Thessaloniki since 2009. He is the conductor of the two small symphonic orchestras” New Generation”and “ Mozartakia”of OBE (Conservatory of Northern Greece) since 2013 and of the large symphonic orchestra of OBE since 2019.
He has been the artistic director of the Dimiourgon Odeio-AMS Music school (About Music Studios and Lessons) since 2017 and of the Municipal Conservatory of Paionia in Kilkis since 2020. He is in charge of the music department at the Cultural Association of Lagyna from 2017 until today.

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