The santouri is a special and elaborate instrument that “touches” the music in a nostalgic and at the same time lyrical way. Its history dates back to ancient times in the depths of Persia and continues up to this day in the traditional music of India, China, the Middle East and Central Asia. In Greece, in addition to traditional music, artists such as Mikis Theodorakis, Giannis Markopoulos as well as the most modern Manos Loizos and Pantelis Thalassinos included it in their music In santouri lessons the student learns the musicality, the chords and the correct use of the hands as well as the whole body in order to be able to conquer the ease and the lyricism of the playing.

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The Santouri teacher at AMS music school

Argyriou Venetsiana
Argyriou Venetsiana

She was born in Larisa. She started music lessons at the age of 6, dealing with classical music (accordion, theory, choir) and traditional music at the same time. In 2006 she completed the department of Music Science and Art with specialization “Greek Traditional (Folk) Music”. In 2014, she received a scholarship from the Slovak state and studied classical harpsichord techniques with Victoria Herenscar and Romanian repertoire with Marcel Commedant at the Banska Bistrica Academy. In 2018, she completed the postgraduate program of the M.E.T. “Greek Musical Traditions” specializing in santouri. She has mainly dealt with improvisation in different musical traditions and has attended seminars with Ross Dally, Harry Lambraki, Costa Anastasiadis and others.

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