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The London College of Music Examinations is an international educational and examination body offering degrees and diplomas in various fields of music education.

The London College of Music Examinations is an international educational and examination body offering degrees and diplomas in various fields of music education.
AMS Music School started its collaboration with the British University LCM in 2019. Our students can obtain degrees and diplomas from the British University through AMS.

A few words

The LCM was founded in 1887 and has since been dedicated to music education. In 1939 it became public and in 1991 it was incorporated as part of the (then) Thames Valley University. Το νέο τμήμα πλέον έχει 5 περιοχές εξειδίκευσης: τη Μουσική Εκτέλεση, τη Μουσική Σύνθεση, τη Μουσική Τεχνολογία, το Μουσικό Θέατρο (Μιούζικαλ) και το Management Μουσικών. The new department now has 5 areas of specialization: Music Performance, Music Composition, Music Technology, Musical Theater (Musical) and Music Management. The music department provides, up today, exceptional fields of knowledge in both musical performance and composition. In addition, it has incorporated innovations and innovative applications, offering one of the most sought after and prestigious degrees in the field of Music Technology.

In April 2011, the University was renamed University of West London, which reflects the redefinition of its goals and activities.

All LCM & RGT promotion exams are fully recognized by the following organizations:

  • Ofqual
  • Qualifications Wales
  • CCEA
  • UCAS
  • Regulated Qualifications Framework
  • European Qualifications Framework
LCM Degrees from British University

London College of Music WHY SHOULD I GIVE EXAMS?

The London College of Music Examinations, in addition to the Registry of Guitar Tutors, is an international educational and examination body offering degrees and diplomas in various fields of music education.
The exams are held in many examination centers around the world with great success. The fact that all degrees and diplomas are certified by a University, and in particular the University of West London, contributes to this and is very important.
For this reason, the Educational and Examination system of LCM Examinations finds great success and impact in Greece, where in recent years the candidates amount to a few thousand.

Reasons why this system has found a significant response in Greece are:

    • Students interested in studying abroad, in any field, can be rewarded with extra points (tariffpoints) through the UCAS system, simply by passing Grades 6 to 8 in instrument and / or theory. For example, if someone studies “physics” he gets points for having in his hands the Grades from us.
    • The meritocracy of the system and the objectivity of the examiners since they have passed certain stages of training to be able to have the status of examiner.
    • The reliability and training of teachers – collaborators of the system.
    • The exams cover the whole range of music education and there is a clear distinction between performers and music teachers, which is certified and confirmed by the direction of diplomas.
    • The grades and diplomas are universally recognized and can be used by students at any time outside of Greece.
    • Rewarding students by obtaining the corresponding degree at each level, as well as reassuring parents about their children’s progress, knowledge of the exact material and awareness of their exact course.
  • The system is modern and follows up the needs of young people.
    The test material is constantly updated.
    New sections are constantly being created for young people, such as the graded exams of RGT Rock Guitar Playing.

  • The facilitation of students who want to continue their studies at a University abroad, since there is the removal of the need for audition by many Institutions, only with the demonstration of grade 8 in the instrument and grade 5/6 in theory.
  • The possibility of a career abroad, since with the acquisition of diplomas students do not need to do a Bachelor at a University to work in their field.
    A good example is that there are examiners with FLCM and / or LLCM titles and they work as musicians in different cities of England.

  • The correct demarcation of the lesson by the teachers in collaboration with the students and their needs. Students can choose which course to follow and make their musical journey with the teacher, making grades that fill them with knowledge and experience.

  • Candidates along with their degree also receive in their hands a report with a constructive critique written by the examiner, which can help them improve.

  • RGT graduates have the opportunity, upon written request, to become certified RGTTutors, to be featured on the RGT page worldwide, and to receive newsletters 3 times a year.



The LCM Examinations were established as an external examination department of the London College of Music (LCM), a music school founded in 1887.
In 1991, the LCM and its examination system became part of the Polytechnic of West London (which became Thames Valley University in 1992 and was renamed the University of West London in 2011).
The Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) was established in 1992 with the aim of improving the prestige and profile of guitar teachers, as well as to contribute to their professional recognition within the context of music education, by establishing a range of understanding, recognized and well-structured teachers. programs.
The first exams took place in Greece in 2002, after previous years had been preceded by student visits to England to be examined in London.
In the following years the exams spread to many areas of Attica – Thessaloniki etc.
In 2017, the Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) merged with the London College of Music (LCM), and was redefined as ‘RGT @ LCM’.

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