Degree in Harmony

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Knowledge of the third theory of music is a prerequisite.

The classical harmony of the classical period of the history of western music up to Romanticism is taught. The student learns to harmonize a given melody and to write for a four-part choir. The harmony of this period is necessary for the use and understanding of contemporary music, in which we learn to use chords in well-known melodies as well as to be able to write 2nd, 3rd and 4th voices in songs and orchestral works. From the 2nd year the student chooses whether to make the harmony course specified or compulsory. In the specified harmony the student gives written and oral exams for obtaining a degree and attending all compulsory courses. In the compulsory harmony the student does not receive the degree. The student completes the subject of harmony with a lower degree of difficulty than in the specified harmony diploma and with partial attendance of the compulsory courses.

Compulsory courses: Solfege, history, morphology-analysis, enrythm bass, counterpoint elements, compulsory piano, choir, practical training.

Study duration:

  • 3 years
  • 2 years with knowledge of 1st Harmony after state exams
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