During music technology lessons students will have the opportunity to learn basic rules of recording, creating and producing their own music. Students will have at their disposal all the acoustic and electric musical instruments to apply on a practical level the knowledge they will acquire. Some of the fields covered are:

  • Introduction to music production and technology
  • Computers and music programs as DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) digital recording platforms
  • Basic Audio Recording Techniques
  • Midi, Plug-ins, Samples, Drum machines, Virtual synthesizers
  • Specialized recording techniques
  • Audio Editing
  • Vocal Tuning
  • Mixing techniques
  • Pre-mastering
  • Βeat making & programming

Music technology courses are provided free of charge to students who choose to follow our music school program.

Music technology lessons

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The music technology teacher at AMS

John Chatzidimos
John Chatzidimos

John Chatzidimos began his musical studies at the age of six at the Contemporary Conservatory of Thessaloniki, initially with Music Training and Music Theory. His teacher was Gilles Gouldier with whom he started flute lessons which he continued until the age of 14 when with teacher George Hatzi (Buena Ventura, Banda Latinico) he started learning guitar, which won him over.

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