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Who we are The lack of time and the compression of many activities in a short period of time, are the major problem of modern life. Younger and older people try in vain to stretch time, squeezing their daily activities. This stressful situation can find a significant way out in music. Of course, music does not only serve the purpose of mental relaxation, but as a timeless factor of education and culture , it is a perpetual parameter of human development.

The AMS Music School – Dimiourgon Odeio in Thessaloniki covers this need of human education, with music. In particular, it is active in the field of Conservatory services and Recording services. The services provided are supported by the most modern teaching methods and the most modern machines.

The program of AMS music school services include the following courses :

The program of AMS music school services include the following courses :

  • Classical music
  • Contemporary Modern music
  • Traditional & Byzantine music
  • Music technology and production
  • Preparation for admission to Music Schools & Universities
  • Conductor of the Orchestra

The categories of the courses refer to theoretical studies and studies of musical instruments and vocals.

The aim is to emerge as a point of convergence of many musical currents. Classical music to meet jazz and jazz to coexist with traditional music and modern music. To actively contribute to the rise of the level of music education by constantly enriching its programs, applying new methods and using the latest technology in music studies.

Given that the right musical instrument is essential for a thorough education, AMS provides its students with rich equipment of all musical instruments from the best manufacturers, according to the latest technology and in perfect working condition.

AMS Music School provides a unique educational environment that enhances the artistic, intellectual and personal development of its students and lays the foundation for a successful professional career. Through the teaching of the lessons by a select group of teachers in connection with the activities and events of the music school, students acquire dedication and passion for knowledge and

and graduate having the resources to contribute and excel in the art they love. At the same time, AMS is a music school centered on humans. Our goal is to always have an open channel of communication with the ultimate goal of artistic, spiritual and emotional self-improvement.

As a living artistic community, the music school organizes and presents a variety of events such as Concerts, Open Courses, Seminars for international artists and Lectures by distinguished professors from Greek and foreign universities through which high educational standards are promoted, similar to those of foreign universities.

AMS music school training programs

Classical music

In the framework of Classical education, Piano, Strings, Guitar, Monody, Woodwinds, Brass Winds, Percussion, Advanced Theory, Composition, Orchestra Conducting, Choir Conducting, Music History, History of Opera, Prima, Mona Chamber, Orchestra, Foreign Language Performance, Choir, Melodramatics.

The School of Classical Music offers complete studies in piano, monody, advanced theory, as well as in all instruments of the symphony orchestra, with a teaching staff consisting of the most renowned musicians and educators in Greece.

The curriculum has been designed in such a way to offer an in-depth study of the repertoire of the instrument as well as the development of the interpretive skills of each student. The main goal of the lessons is the interaction of the student with the teacher and for this reason, the teaching is done on an individual level. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to participate in Concerts and Open Lessons, thus gaining unique experiences of solo and group performance.

Classical music lessons
Modern music lessons

Modern music

WithIn the framework of Modern music we teach Electric – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Drums, Percussion, Harmony, Accordion, Saxophone, Trumpet, Jazz Piano, Modern & Jazz Violin, Modern Song & Musical.

The AMS Music School – Dimiourgon Conservatory consists of recognized and acclaimed local musicians in Greece.

The student has the opportunity to choose, from a wide range of taught instruments, the one that best suits the character, age and style of music that interests him.

Music Technology

The courses aim to train and educate contemporary musicians in the field of production, editing and processing of scores through a computer. It is addressed to electronic musicians, producers, composers, orchestrators, DJs, sound designers as well as to anyone who is active or engaged in digital audio, and its application.

The field of Music Production deals with the training of contemporary musician, producer and creator, on the programming, editing, recording, orchestration and production of sound.

The lessons take place in the specially designed MusicTechLab and offer knowledge, which covers the principles of digital technology and the techniques of its application and use.

Music technology lessons
Music technology lessons

Conductor of the Orchestra

The music school, in collaboration with an eminent chief musician, provides training in Orchestra Conducting.

Special Courses:

  • Orchestra Conducting and Music Analysis: Orchestra Conducting Techniques, Forms, Aesthetics, Contemporary Composition and Semiotics Techniques, Style and Interpretive Approach to Orchestral Works.
  • Practical Conducting: Conductor.
  • Acoustic Practice: Recognition of Intervals, Chords with Inversions, Sound Colors, Melodic Sequence and Rhythmic Patterns.
  • Music Training & Study of piano adaptation of opera or oratorio, primavista performance of piano adaptations of similar works and learning scenes from operas and repertoire oratorios to singers.
  • Performing an orchestra score on the piano.

Traditional & Byzantine Music

Within this category, training is provided in Traditional Percussion, Violin, Oud, Cannon, Mandolin, Santouri, Bouzouki, Byzantine Chanting & Notation.

Byzantine Music Lessons

Preparation for admission to Music Schools & Universities

Faithful to the needs and dreams of the children and teenagers of our country and with the experience of its renowned teachers, the AMS – Dimiourgon Odeio Music School establishes every year a Department of Preparation for Admission to the Music Schools of Greece.

Preparation for admission to Music Schools

Innovation and originality of AMS is the application of a pioneering educational method.

The problem with learning musical instruments and vocals is the difficulty that students face in perceiving music as they are trained. Studying music is really a long process for a student, not to learn to operate a musical instrument, but to be trained and to perform the musical colors and idioms of the musical pieces correctly, but also to understand his musical role among a musical group.

All music schools today in Greece offer services with similar characteristics. These services limit the learning of musical instruments, according to a common technique, which concerns the interaction between the student and the teacher.

The innovative educational method of AMS Music School, which is applied, concerns the combination of 2 services, the music school and the recording.

As part of the method, students are recorded in the digital professional studio of the school and then follows up a theoretical and musical analysis of the performed music pieces, in order to create educational material to print music learning books inspired by the students themselves.

The result of this method is the faster learning of music and the creation of artistic-musical perception.

“If music is the food of love, play more” William Shakespeare

AMS recording studio

At AMS Music School we also offer recording studio services. Learn more about the services of the recording studio. Learn more about our recording studio services.