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The AMS curriculum is unique and could hardly be compared to another music school. The school follows a comprehensive teaching approach that aims to educate the student in a wide range of musical knowledge that he/she must acquire, in order to be able to deal with music on a professional and amateur level. Our goal is to give our students all the supplies to become real musicians. In detail, the piano lessons include on a weekly basis:
• A private 60-minute lesson on an instrument of your choice or a private 60-minute vocal lesson of your choice.
• Five additional group lessons with other students of the school that cover the following subjects:
o Music technology
o Theory of music
o Solfege, dicte,
o Rhythmic Solfege
o Ensemble and choir workshops

During your studies at our school you have the opportunity to perform with other students, in order to present your work in music workshops. As well:
• Participation in student concerts.
• Recording of lessons.
• Participation in music ensembles

Our vision is for the student to get in touch with other people who love music and through the exchange of knowledge and music and to become complete artists.

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