Modern Music Composition Certification

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Prerequisite for composition courses is a degree in harmony with a minimum grade of 7.50 “very good”.

The student is taught composition lessons with certification from our music school . He composesmusic for all combinations of instruments from solo to symphonic orchestra, from organ to vocal ensembles and their combinations in several forms up to the 20th century. During the course the student learns about the latest techniques and modern forms as well as the theories of jazz, pop, rock, art and traditional music. Motivational, harmonic, morphological, rhythmic, etc. analysis is done to understand the architectural structures of the musical work.

At the same time, the student in collaboration with the music school and his teacher presents his works in concerts or records them.

Compulsory courses: piano and ensemble conducting.

Study duration: min4 years

Degrees in classical instruments & monody

AMS music school teachers


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