Degree in Counterpoint

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Prerequisite for the degree of counterpoint is the degree of harmony with a minimum grade of 7.50 “very good”. Teaching music in the Renaissance (tropical counterpoint) and baroque (tonal counterpoint).

In the tropical counterpoint, writing is taught up to an octave chorus. The scales we use are the Ionic, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Myxolydian and Aeolian modes. Antistatic polyphony is the goal for the student who has the ability to write up to eight voices independently of each other, with imitation that coexists in a work giving the renaissance style. In the tonal counterpoint we learn to write in various forms of the baroque era such as the pasakalia, the canon, etc. with combinations of instruments of the symphonic orchestra in the tonal system.
Compulsory courses: history, morphology, organology, practical training and piano.

Study duration: 2 years

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