In the summers, summer courses are held at AMS with the aim of:

Preparation for class placement of students according to the AMS curriculum (instrumental and theoretical).
Preparation of students who failed the winter term exams, so that they are ready to retake, if they wish, the September exams (instrumental and theoretical).
Preparation for their admission to the harmony specialist department.
Preparation for Panhellenic exams in university musicology departments (harmony and listening skills).
Preparation for faster completion of the AMS curriculum in instrumental and theoretical courses conducted informally

The duration and number of lessons will be agreed upon with the teacher and the conservatory.

The conservatory will hold classes in the following periods:

• Musical instruments: June 15 to July 31 and August 20 to September 14.

• In theory: June 1 to July 31 and August 20 to September 30.

In the summer courses, the registration fee is FREE.


• If the participants in the summer courses are few, then the conservatory has the right not to create a summer section.

• Interested students inform the secretariat of the conservatory and, together with the secretariat, complete the declaration of summer courses.

• In the declaration of summer courses you must also state the reason for attending them (which of the 5 mentioned above).

AMS conservatory summer courses

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