Ritmüller piano with tail 188cm.

Our piano is brand new, made in 2019 and is the best choice to record your music.

Piano specifications

Machine: Made in the traditional European style. All wooden parts are made of maple and produced from advanced digital
Machine mount: cast, processed aluminum.
Wooden frame and base beams: Reinforced walnut for rigidity and strength.
Kavalaris: Top of solid maple, cross vertical slices of maple resulting in the most efficient energy transfer and clearer sound.
Silencers: High quality European wool for professional performance. Key cover with slow closing shock absorber. Solid bronze metal parts.
Hammers: Specially selected felt for an ideal combination of elasticity and density, designed to produce concentrated, multi-dynamic and rich sound.
Mechanism base: Spruce with vertical shock. Keyboard material: High quality isobrenic spruce with ebony on the black keys.
Middle pedal: full sostenuto (isocrates).
Balcony: 19 layers of cold-pressed maple veneer and in a micro-wave press for stability in the tuning keys.
Cast iron frame: with the traditional casting in a sand mold and finished with CNC pantograph.
String / scale design / architecture: by renowned piano designer
Luther Thomas with inactive string tuning.
Speaker: vertically crossed spruce slices shaped to produce maximum tonal response and structural integrity.
Strings: German Röslau steel and pure copper bass winding.
Wrenches: Nickel-plated and turned steel string wrenches.